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Stephanie Hebert- Blog Owner and Brand Advocate

Stephanie is from Massachusetts and has a love for helping others. She started this blog to help families save money and live happier lives. It turned into a very successful blog quicker than she ever thought it could be. Stephanie adores representing brands of all kinds and promoting them on her page with reviews and giveaways. She writes honest and thorough reviews being sure to represent the brands positively. Along with her love of blogging she is a stay at home mom of two! She also has an adorable rescued Golden Retriever!

Meet our Admin Beckie Curtis!

Beckie is super savvy wife and mother of one, my wonderful 2 year old daughter, Callie. I am part Stay at Home Mom, and part business owner. I run a Videography business that specializes in weddings, birthday parties, demos, etc. Check it out at! It’s a wonderful job because it allows me to stay at home during the week with my daughter. I have a passion for saving and coupon-ing! I love finding the best deal possible, and in my spare time I enjoy earning extra cash by taking surveys online. I’m very excited to be helping as an admin for Stephanie, who I know shares the same passion!







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