8 Essentials for Teen Birthday Party Planning 2019
February 5, 2019 General

8 Essentials for Teen Birthday Party Planning 2019



Mostly, parents find it so difficult to host a teen party because they can’t strike a balance between kid’s props and too much adult detail.

But the trick is simple: Ask yourself what tickles the teenagers. You will find that they love dancing their own music and following their own instincts. Most importantly, they are serious eaters! The worst thing you can do to a teenager is to host a party without lots of food and drinks.

If you’ve been dreaming of having the best teenage birthday party as a teenage girl/boy, this post will help you with essential things for planning an unforgettable birthday party in 2019.

1.A budget

A budget can help you determine your path of working towards a teen party. Having set criteria on how to allocate your spending will ensure you purchase only those items that are key to having a great party.

Ask your parents how much they’re willing to spend on your birthday and whether they are comfortable with the items you plan to spend on. As it concerns their bank’s accounts, it’s good to include them in your spending decisions lest you strain them or leave them with unpaid bills.

2.Birthday Party Date

Determining the date may be affected by many factors. Mostly, many teens’ birthdays don’t happen on the exact date of their birthday—most teens are busy in schools, exams rooms, or some other commitments. So it’s good to set the date before time— before, after or on your exact birthday. When done sufficiently early, it makes your guests not to plan anything on that day.

To make most of the dates, beware of state holidays and other interferences like social functions like burial ceremonies. Otherwise, you may end up with a few guests because they attended a more important event.



While choosing your venue, consider where your guests are coming from. Also, the place should be accessible by your guests. Consider your budget also, but if it allows you, go on and book a classic venue in town. If you feel little strained, have it home–after all, the essence is having a celebration. In fact, your backyard offers a more relaxed natural setting.

4.Guest List & Invitations

Sometimes determining who should attend your event and who shouldn’t pose a challenge—who can accommodate a whole locality! While some teens like having an intimate type of a party with a few friends and quests, others want a top-notch event of its kind. Well, both options are perfectly well.

No pressure as to what size of quests list to have, but remember your parents have a say—they sponsor your event.

Once you have settled on who to attend, make invitations around three to five weeks before, so as to give them enough time to plan their schedules. Hand deliver the invitations yourself or get the help of friends or simply mail them. Don’t forget to ask for attendance confirmation for planning purposes.

5.The Schedule

A party is only a party when it features entertainment and activities that impress your guests. Write a rough schedule of what you want to happen during the day.

Schedule a few games, activities and some music to give your guests an opportunity to dance and have a good time, courtesy of a birthday teenager.  Most importantly, make all the activities revolve around your preferred theme.

6.A Birthday Party Theme


Certainly, selecting a good theme for your party makes it fun. A theme shows and highlights your interests and values so as to make it mean a lot to you and your guests. Ensure you pick a theme around your hobbies, novels, favorite colors, songs, movies or sports.

This year its time to be more unique therefore The Stranger Things party theme is absolutely a good idea this year.

You could possibly prescribe the dress code for your guest so as to help bring out the theme. Let everything from the invitations to activities to birthday cake reflect the party’s theme.

Ideas for a teen birthday party is only limited by your imagination—colors, Hollywood, rock star, masquerade, famous actors and actresses, Stranger Things ones again, etc.

7.Party Favors

This step is optional, however, expressing gratitude can’t be underestimated. If you’re for the idea, plan for a little thank you for your guests to collect as they leave.

Find everything you may need from Stranger Things party supplies to make your guests super-stoked with this awesome thank you cards!

8.The Menu

No party is complete without food and drinks. Certainly, a celebration without food is a mere meeting! Therefore, depending on your budget, guest list, party location etc, choose either a catered or home-cooked menu.

If the venue is in a town hall, or a famous restaurant, then plan for a catered menu. If you decide home is the best venue, then organize for a home-cooked menu.

Lastly, don’t forget the main food at your party is your birthday cake. Ensure that it’s decorated to resonate with your theme and everybody gets to enjoy a slice.

And that’s it! Although sometimes things slide slightly from the way you had planned, these eight essential things will make you handle anything unplanned, yet have the most unforgettable birthday party!

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