I’m Coming Back Strong in 2019!
January 1, 2019 General


2018 was quite the year. I took some blogging breaks to focus on my family and my Thirty One business took off and became a lot of my focus. I have missed blogging so much! It has been my baby for over 9 years this year. I’ve experienced so many incredible opportunities over those years and I look forward to revamping and bringing you my latest adventures so that you can to go on them with your families. I have a lot of goals this year as do most people when a New Year starts but one of them is to be more consistent with the things I love. I have many things in the works to share with you from an organizing perspective, travel and shows. I will be doing a lot of local things in the New England area this year. Watch our Facebook and Instagram as many of the events I will be posting on their and giveaways too. Thank you for staying with me throughout my breaks in 2018! I hope that you all have an incredible 2019 with many blessings and good health.

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