Peace of Mind with the Keera Video Baby Monitor #HGG2015
September 30, 2015 General



We moved into a much bigger house recently and our regular video monitor was not doing it for us because we needed more than one camera to cover more of house. The Levana Keera with two cameras has been the perfect fit for us the the past few weeks. We put one upstairs and one downstairs so now at night on our super awesome touch screen monitor we can view our children in their room and our complete open floor plan downstairs. One of the awesome features that the Keera has is the pan/tilt/zoom camera you can literally use the screen features to make the cameras move around the room horizontally at 300° and then tilt vertically at 110°. It allows me to check both of my daughters in bed on each side of the room unlike other monitors it views only one spot of the room. This is a fabulous feature that is worth every penny! The touch screen panel control makes it super quick to navigate the cameras and the features it offers. You can also record videos with the 2GB SD card that is included and snap photos too. I can also talk to my children through the cameras, play music and the invisible LED night vision allows me to see everything clearly. If you were to need more cameras for all around the house you can add up to 4 to this camera as well. Check ours out!


If you would like to learn more about Levana products check out their website and all they have to to offer! “Like” them on Facebook too!
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  1. Love video monitors. They are such a peace of mind for parents. I”m so glad we have one! This one looks awesome too.

  2. the video monitors are such an innovative, great idea for parents. it does freak me out a little bit though that they can be hacked into via your wireless connection if someone chose to do so.

  3. i would love this for my kids we foster care in our home and this would be perfect for me to see them when im not in their room with them

  4. What an awesome baby monitor. I wish they had these when my children were young. The one thing I am concerned about with baby monitors is that individuals can hack into these baby monitors and see what is going on in your house.

  5. Cassandra Eastman

    Thank you so much for the review! I just ordered a Levana monitor for my sons nursery. Hope we love it!

  6. Hey, that post leaves me feeling fosoilh. Kudos to you!

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