Looking for a Reliable, Hard Working Home Cleaner?

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Its finally time to open those windows and let the air in and enjoy the beautiful weather! But whats the point if the house needs cleaning? Leave that job to someone else and enjoy the amazing weather! HomeJoy.com is the ANSWER!

Do you want a reliable, friendly, trust worthy cleaner that even has certification and a complete background check?! They are even bonded and insured so you can feel safe letting them in your home.  HomeJoy is the company for YOU! They will even re-clean your home if you are not satisfied the first time around. I sat and read through their reviews for other customers and they are simply excellent. They have been featured in the Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal,DailyCandy and More! Not in the United States DONT WORRY they have cleaners in the United Kingdom, Canada and even Deutschland. What a great way to serve so many people from around the world.

Their website is SO easy to use and read! You can even choose what you want cleaned, if you have your own specific cleaners you want used, or they will provide cleaners. The site is like a menu for home cleaning, super neat and clean! I found that you can pick all sorts of options telling them exactly the rooms you want cleaned. Even Walls, Doors, Windows and more!

Now that you know about HomeJoy its time to book your own appointment ONLINE, choose what you need cleaned, stop worrying about getting the house clean for summer guests and events and EnJOY your summer thanks to HomeJoy!

Check out the HomeJoy Website  to see if they are a good fit for you, your home and your family. I don’t they will disappoint! Plus you can even follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on any new promotions or locations.


  1. Sarah M says

    With all the summer parties and bbqs – we have so many people in and out of the house! This will be perfect for cleaning up the mess before and after our gatherings!

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