Fun in New England Series: Edaville USA Day Out with Thomas!

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Admin Patricia Covered this event with her family.

We arrived at Edaville USA early afternoon on Monday, June 23rd, for a Day Out with Thomas the Train; the boys were thrilled to see the life-sized Thomas the Train pulling the train.  Prior to our arrival, we had reserved our train ride for 4:10pm (this is the last ride of the day as the park closes at 5pm). Due to the date and time of our scheduled ride the park was not very crowded and there were no lines. Before our scheduled train ride we were able to have our family picture taken with Thomas the Train Engine, they did offer photo packages, but were not pushy at all in the offering of them. The people selling the packages were nice, even allowing us to use our own camera for the photos. We had the same experience when getting our photos with Sir Topham Hat. The Day Out with Thomas the Train ride itself was approximately 20 minutes. During the ride a conductor came around and punched our train ticket and handed out junior conductor certificates to the kids, giving it an authentic train ride feel. The ride was nice, and we were also able to see much of the construction of upcoming attractions taking place at Edaville USA. As part of the Day out with Thomas the Train Edaville USA also offered live music and crafts for the kids as well as merchandise that catered to every Thomas the Train fan.
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We found the park to be very friendly for younger children, under the age of 10. Most of the rides were child friendly in that even little ones could ride alone, without needing a parent along. We would definitely take our kids back here, and can’t wait to experience some of the exciting events Edaville USA has coming up!


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    This looks so fun. My 3 year old grandson would really love this. We live in Oregon and it won’t be happening soon!!! Thanks for sharing. Lucky little guys!!!

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