Tiny Love: Follow Me Fiona & Super Mat Review & Giveaway!

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Tiny Love Follow Me Fiona & Super Mat

Review & Giveaway!


Say Hello to Fiona! Isn’t she adorable? As soon as i opened up the package and took out Fiona my daughter wanted her right away. I put batteries in her and turned the on switch and started to play around with the buttons one of which sends her rolling away and barking. She will also sniff for attention when not being touched or played with for a few minutes. Her bendable body makes it easy to play with and durable for babies/toddlers. When you shake her she rattles and you can press two different buttons to make her walk or make noises that will keep the attention of your child. This is great for a child learning to crawl as it will get them up and going chasing after Fiona. Do you have a little guy? Well guess what Fiona has a little friend and his name is Fred! How cute are they?

You can check out Fred & Fiona HERE.

Now onto the Super Mat!

The Tiny Love Super Mat is a very generous play mat for your baby/toddler to explore and play. The Super Mat is soft and includes a mirror for your child to look into as well as loops to attach various toys for your child to play. The mat has adorable animals and bright colors to help keep your child interested and learning. My toddler loved pointing out the animals and making the noises each one makes. One of the great features of the Super Mat is how large it is as it can be used inside or outside. It makes for a great mat to bring your baby to the park to get fresh air while still enjoying their toys. It is also great for toddlers to have a picnic outside while playing with their favorite toys on a soft comfortable surface. Overall the Super Mat is a great addition to our household i love how durable it is and its large size. It makes for a great play time mat with many fantastic positive features. Check it out! Also be sure to check it out HERE as well.

I have never experienced Tiny Love products till this review and i am so happy i was given the opportunity. I learned that Tiny Love products are good quality children’s products at an affordable price. Both products entertained my toddler and allowed her to explore. Fiona brings tons of laughs and the Super Mat allows her to spread out all of her toys and comfortably sit on the floor. I am very pleased with the Tiny Love products and would recommend them as great holiday gifts!

Check out all of the Tiny Love Products HERE!

One Lucky Super Frugal Stephanie reader will get the chance to win Follow me Fiona or Follow me Fred your choice for either a boy or girl! They are adorable and will make any little one happy! Please enter to win using the rafflecopter form below. Thank you to Tiny Prints for this generous review and giveaway!
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  1. Barbara Hart says

    I have not had the opportunity to like one, my children are grown & now I am raising my grand daughter, so all of these new items are New to me!!!

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